Palmetto Road Property

History of Purchasing the Land

It all started with a phone call. In 2003, Pastor Miriam fielded a phone call which began an amazing eight-year journey for our congregation – a divinely-led journey with countless twists, turns, surprises, disappointments, hopes, frustrations and envisioned possibilities. Only God knew what paths would be open for us when we received the call from Walgreens offering to buy our property.

Since that time, the Property Acquisition Team (and its predecessors) invested thousands of hours evaluating over 150 properties. The criteria for acceptable prospective properties became fairly clear:  30+ acres on a rectangular plat, within 10 miles of COS, no watershed/floodplain issues, flexible growth/development options, amenable to future visions/needs considered by COS, useable immediately, sellable at a later time (if necessary), costs well within CTA funds, good visibility, and easy access. Finding such an "ideal property" was not easy, but God eventually led the team to the property at 411 Palmetto Road. It met all the criteria and the PAT presented it to the Congregational Council which approved it for action by the church body. Over 230 voting members attended a Congregational Meeting on October 9th, 2011, and 99% of them voted to proceed with the purchase of the property.

Today, as we look to future, there are many opportunities for this land. However, we can use this wonderful gift now! Our prayer path is open for use and can be visited during the day. Soon, we will have the opportunity for you to bring your small group or family to enjoy the land.

History of Palmetto Road Property

In 1965, Gene and Daisy Cruse bought a very rough and overgrown piece of property in the Tyrone area. Gene enlisted the help of his father and the two began cutting trees, clearing and cleaning the land, and turning a small meandering creek into a pond just the right size for swimming. He gave it a sandy beach and added a bath house and concession stand. Along with swimming and picnicking, he added a golf driving range, par 3 course, putt-putt and a go-cart track. Soon, he established multiple sites for tent and R.V. camping, all surrounding the lake.

Gene’s vision had come to life with all sorts of activities, family and company parties, square dancing, weddings, Easter sunrise services, hot air balloon rides and the telling of stories around a campfire. Kids of all ages were enjoying his dream, and Dad was so happy.

As we all know, life has a way of changing things, but God has His own plan for things, and His plan was to bring you "Christ our Shepherd" and your vision to keep Gene’s dream alive.

So with God’s loving hand and Daddy’s blessing we pass the torch to you. We hope it brings as much happiness to your church family as it did to our family.

Paula, Jane and Tyler
The Cruse Family


Prayer Path

Come any time or day of the week when the sun is up.

How do I walk the Prayer Path?

All of the benches are at the top of the hill for easy access. You will find complete instructions at the first bench in front of the trailer. There, you will have an opportunity to choose topics (men, women, families, youth, healing, marriage, etc…) Then, just follow the mailboxes at each bench to the ten stations. Each station will have envelopes for each topic. Read scripture and reflect on the meditation questions.

Listen to the Holy Spirit and be renewed. Come!

How can I help with the Prayer Path and other areas of Palmetto Road?

Some of the opportunities to help with the Adopt a Prayer Station Responsibilities are:
– Clip & clean around the bench
– Ensure mailbox does not have bugs
– Notify COS if envelopes are damaged
(Time Commitment 30 minutes every 2-4 weeks)

If you would like to adopt a prayer station, click here.

Please complete the form below if you can help with maintenance of the Palmetto Road Property.

Palmetto Road Guidelines and Forms

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To enter the gate, please contact the front office at 770-487-8717

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