My wife, LuAnne, and I met in Ohio as counselors at Camp Luther on Lake Erie.  We have been married since 1990, we enjoy parenting high schooler Luke and middle schooler Morgan.  I was called to lead COS in 2010, and have enjoyed transitioning COS into a new day with a talented staff and terrific lay leadership.  My focuses are on visioning, discipleship development and multiplication, and making sure fun gets mixed in with faith.

Fun Facts:
  playing guitar, triathlons, Red-box movies.
Born in:  Eugene, Oregon
Raised in:  Chicago, Illinois and Columbus, Ohio.
Learned something at:  Wittenberg University, Yale University, Trinity Lutheran Seminary
Favorite Team:   Chicago Bears
Cool Spot in PTC area:  Running in Line Creek Nature Center

Energizing Bible Verse:  John 8.31-32 “Jesus said to those who believed in him, ‘if you continue with my teachings, you will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’”

Random fact about you:  As an awesome welcome present to PTC, some nice folks gave me a kayak.  I kayaking our lakes and can’t wait for Lake McIntosh to be ready.

What excites you about COS?  I love that COS asks what Jesus is creatively doing “up ahead of us,” to use that Easter phrase.  It’s fun to be future-minded, bringing the best of our heritage into a new day, especially in worship and the new land at 411 Palmetto Road.