Joining Christ Our Shepherd

CONNECT Class is the experience we’ve designed for those who desire to join our faith community as members. We call the course "CONNECT" because its purpose is to connect you with the next step in your faith journey at Christ Our Shepherd as we travel "Jesus’ pathway of joy and life" together.

This interactive class will help you to connect with others, just like you, who are new to COS and will answer your questions about the church’s vision, beliefs, and opportunities to become more involved.

For more information about an upcoming CONNECT Class, please contact Becky Lee, our Director of Connecting Ministries at 

Adult education is about maximizing our faith experience here at COS, meeting people, and exploring Jesus' invitation to transform our lives as He did His first disciples. Through baptism, we are claimed as Christ’s disciples. We are set on a lifelong journey as part of a community which gathers to learn and celebrate, and are challenged to grow and serve. Christ Our Shepherd provides opportunities for adults to understand how we hope to connect with Jesus’ pathway of joy and life.

Please come join us in learning more about God’s word! Sunday School is offered at 9:40 a.m. every Sunday morning.

Adult Sunday Morning Bible Study includes:

Word of the Week
COS Members continue the discussion and study of the lectionary Texts in Room 210.

Young Parent Chill and Chat
The Chill and Chat group meets in Room 212 and is designed for parents who have kids in Sunday School, but all are welcome. We’ll be putting our own spin on discussions, plus a chance to talk about back to school issues that families face this time of year. Chill and Chat is led by Pastor Fritz Wiese.

There are options for children and teens as well. Christ Our Shepherd’s Youth and Family Ministry programming focuses on faith development through participating in church ministries, service within the church and to the local and global communities, Sunday school, Bible study and education, leadership development, youth forums, retreats, camps and trips.  Additional information can be found on the children and youth ministry page.

Church Directory

Access ACS is the church database in which Christ Our Shepherd keeps its member records for communication and giving. You must have a login to use Access ACS. Once you are registered, you can:

  • View the church directory & calendar
  • View your contributions and give online
  • Use or print the membership directory
  • Update your own profile with a new address, phone number, email address, and/or picture

Access ACS

Any changes made will come to the office as a change request and will not be active until approved. Questions on creating your login or password, contact Jane Smith at

Small Groups

Small groups at Christ Our Shepherd take many forms. Some have an emphasis on Growing in Faith Together (e.g. "GIFT" groups), while others come together primarily to serve together or support one another. What they all have in common is a desire and commitment to share the journey of faith with one another.

Please email

for more info on any of the groups

Name Description Contact Schedule Status
Sarah’s Circle Women sharing Christian love and fellowship; part of WELCA. All women and friends of COS invited Sue Kunig 1st Tues @7pm in homes OPEN
Camping Ministry Overnight tent and camper outings guarantee fun, fellowship, good food and great worship (click here for more info) Tom Rehak 2 weekends/yr (spring & fall) OPEN
Book Club Best sellers, historical fiction and southern authors in general. Leslie Klein 2nd Thursdays, 7:30-8:30p.m. COS Library OPEN
ROMEOs "Retired Old Men Eating Out" Paul Talbott 1st Wednesdays, 12:00p.m., local restaurants OPEN
Holy Folders Retired; meet to fold bulletins and eat lunch after Kitty Robison & Pam Gould 10-11:30am Thurs mornings at church OPEN

GIFT Groups ("Growing in Faith Together") meet regularly for relationships building, study, prayer and mission.

Please email for more info on any of the groups.

Musical Small Groups can be found here.

GIFT group Description Contact STATUS Schedule
Klein group Mostly grandparents Bill Grabill FULL 1st and 3rd Sundays at 7:00pm in homes
Women on Wednesdays Women - Moms & Grandmas Carol Jensen-Linton OPEN 2x/month from 10-11:30am in homes
Empty Nesters Dave & Sue Byers FULL 1x/month in homes
 F & F Group Couples in their 40s and 50s Barb Anderson FULL 2nd Sunday of the month from 5:30-7:30pm in homes
Parents of Young Children 30s and 40s with younger children Ken & Amy Bartlett FULL 2nd Sunday of the month at 4:30pm at church
Divine 11+  Empty-Nesters Sue Summers OPEN  2nd and 4th Fridays in homes or at church
One of the First Empty Nesters & Retired Nancy Shepack OPEN 1st and 4th Monday of the month at 7:00pm
Awesome Angels Women-retired Empty Nesters Jane Smith OPEN 1st Sat at 10:00am
G & R Group Parents of teens, sharing life’s highs and supporting one another through the lows Cindy and Darryl Irvin FULL 3rd Sunday 5:30-7:30pm
Chill & Chat Primarily parents with kids in Sunday School, but all are welcome Ed and Shelley Casey OPEN Sundays 9:40-10:40am in Rm 212
Text Talk Discussion and study of weekly lectionary text OPEN Sundays 9:40-10:40am in Rm 210