Pysanky (Ukrainian Egg Decorating) Class


Start date: Saturday, March, 2, 2024
End date: Monday, March, 11, 2024
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Fellowship Hall
Fellowship Event

Jaycine Lester will instruct 12 participants in the unique craft of Pysanky on March 2nd and March 11th.

Pysanky is a process of using heated wax and dye to create beautiful eggs. This art is native to Ukraine and other Slavic countries. The wax is used to cover areas of color on the egg before the egg is dipped into a darker dye.  The dying process moves from white to black or another dark color.  Once the final color is on the egg, the wax is removed to reveal your final design.  All materials will be provided including several patterns to choose from, the special tools to apply the wax, the wax, dyes and the eggs. The cost is $3 per person. After the class is over, Jaycine will take the eggs home and coat them with a protective layer of varnish then blow out the eggs.  The eggs will be returned to the church for pickup the next week.

This unique class has a limit of 12 participants.