Nature Trail

God has also blessed us with a beautiful 33-acre property at 411 Palmetto Road. Just 8 miles north of our Peachtree City campus, this scenic outdoor setting with a gorgeous 4-acre lake is regularly used for worship and fellowship, as well as for community events.  Among the wonderful attributes of the Palmetto Road property are a short, peaceful nature trail.  The trail is marked by a series of benches beginning near the driveway toward the front of the property.  Take a stroll, sit and enjoy God's creation, and learn a little about the plants on the property.  Thanks to Troop 181 Eagle Scout candidate John Michael Karrels, several botanical selections are marked along the trail, and the information for them can be found here.

Eastern Red Cedar

Sweet Gum

Loblolly Pine

Flowering Dogwood

Multiflora Rose

Slippery Elm

Red Maple Trees

Water Oak

American Holly

Poison Ivy